How to find hidden flights?

Hidden flights are the term which is often heard by travellers. If you are looking to travel in cost effective manner, you have to find the best travel deals. Companies do offer prompt accommodation, and a hidden flight is the kind of faulty assessed flight deal that may be booked with the help of booking agents directly via the airline company. Although in the computer world, things are calculated by using sophisticated systems and complicated software, everything in the world of airlines is still operated by humans. This is why the error in flight does occur.

Hidden flight is priced very cheaply since the final price is the result of faulty calculation or mistakes committed on the part of booking agents. It can happen that the airport tax, fuel surcharge and other expenses are not added to the fare or the final price of the flight ticket. So, if you are looking to save on your next travel, you need to find such flight deal.

Tips for finding cheap and hidden flights

It is not easy to locate a flight which is hidden. Such a deal is never shared on the community forum, and so a lot depends on luck. So, if the deal is not shared with the community and you book the flight, there is a chance that the rates will be revised. You can follow the pointers:

  • Start hunting for the deals as early as possible. Airlines release tickets much in advance, and so you must start your researches much prior to the trip. You never know when supply and demand fluctuate to change the rate. So, you must watch out the rates on a frequent basis.
  • Be careful when you are travelling and in what season. If it is the holiday weekend or peak season, the demand for the flight will be high. Buy flight ticket at a certain specific time to stack the odds.
  • The best way to save money on flight tickets is staying flexible with your travel schedule. Search for the tickets couple of days, weeks before on either side of the departure.
  • You need to adjust your times for flying. Choose unpopular flying hours like late morning and travelling through afternoon instead of the evening.
  • Round trip tickets are much cheaper. Return leg portion must be forfeited if you want to save more. On the other hand, flights with much longer layover are again cheaper.
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The working of hidden flights

The concept of hidden flights sounds money saving and alluring, but then you need to understand several things. If you want a direct flight, you need to think twice before booking hidden flight since there will be stop over. After making the booking, you can find another flight at the stop over costing less. The traveller can obviously opt for low fares.

Travelling by a hidden flight is not very popular, but it is money saving option. It is declared risk free and for the flights you may be required to check alternate airports.


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