How did Hidden Flights concept start?

The concept is not new but very few people know about it. The concept of hidden flights began with the creation of the website Skiplagged by a twenty two years old computer genius Aktarer Zaman. With this website, he wanted people to travel at the cheapest flight fares without having to pay fortune while travelling. The procedure definitely violates the standard airline policy as it is not ethical but has made many flyers smile as they get the cheapest fares of flights.

The airline companies were sternly against it and the founder and also succeeded to bring him to legal terms. The case however got dissolved in his favor which is a clear indication that travelers won. He for sure wanted to save money of the frequent flyers by offering hidden flights and scope of spending less. The idea was and is still appreciated by most of the travelers but is disliked by the airline companies. There are certain criteria that have to be taken care of if you want the concept to work. Let us have a look how does it work in our other article here.



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