How does Hidden Flights concept work?

Though the hidden flights concept sounds luring and money saver, there are many things one needs to understand to be sure of before opting for such flights. Here are the most important ones.

  • A person wants to travel from let’s say a place X to Y. You want direct flights without any stop over
  • However you see that there is another flight that has a stop over and costs less
  • You will definitely opt for the lowest fare
  • That’s the hidden flight

Though this novice way of travelling started sometimes back, yet it is not too popular. People get skeptical. Whenever less money is involved, people find it fishy not matter what you are spending for. Hidden flights on the other hand although had many speculations has been declared risk free.

Now that was about how the flights worked for all. Every good thing has cons attached to it. Same goes with hidden flights too. There are certain demerits that you should know.

Hidden Flights Cons

Grass is always greener on the other side and though economic flights can attracts travelers; few other things might put one off.

  • Like any other flight where you are allowed to carry check in baggage, with such cheap flights you are not allowed to
  • It does not let you book round trips because if any part of the trip is cancelled, the rest of the part gets cancelled automatically
  • The stopover destination might change without any notification
  • Rules of the carrier are violated

With many pros, there are cons too. So take wise decisions before you decide on booking such tickets. If you are lucky, you will have a good flight and if you are not, you might land up in some inconvenience.


It depends on your priority of travel. If you are not picky about check in baggage, re-routing and other inconvenience on real time, you may happily opt for such discounted flights. Saving money is like saving fortune!


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